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Experience limitless reading and listening with KReader. Access thousands of eBooks and Audiobooks anytime, anywhere. One fixed monthly fee unlocks a world of stories. Dive into your next adventure now with KReader.

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Learning Adventures

KReader App offers students and kids unlimited ebooks and audiobooks, enhancing education and imagination. With a vast library, it's the ultimate tool for fun, flexible, and engaging learning.

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Unlimited Stories,
Unlimited Joy

Discover endless entertainment and mental stimulation with KReader App. Unlimited eBooks and Audiobooks tailored for retirees, offering convenience and a vast library right at your fingertips.


Inclusive Reading
for All

KReader App offers an extensive library of eBooks and Audiobooks where all the titles are in accessibility friendly formats, ensuring inclusive access for people with print disabilities.


Read Anywhere,
Travel Everywhere

Maximize your travel experience with offline eBooks and Audiobooks. Enjoy unlimited reading and listening without needing Wi-Fi, making every journey more enjoyable and hassle-free.


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Even on Busy Days

eBooks and Audiobooks turn household tasks into enjoyable experiences, allowing busy housewives to multitask effortlessly. Enjoy bestsellers and insightful reads, hands-free, anytime, anywhere while doing anything.



Discover a world of literature with KReader. Enjoy a diverse collection of eBooks and Audiobooks in Sinhala, Tamil, and English. Explore and immerse yourself in captivating stories today.


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Enjoy Unlimited Reading for a Fixed Monthly Fee

Enjoy Unlimited Access to eBooks and Audiobooks for a Fixed Monthly Fee. Dive into endless stories, knowledge, and entertainment without limits. With one subscription, all your favorite reads are at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Embrace the joy of unlimited reading and listening today with KReader.


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Say goodbye to lugging heavy books on your dream vacation with KReader. Our cutting-edge digital reading platform brings an endless library directly to your device, offering thousands of titles across all genres.

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